The Art to Wearing a Trench Coat

black trench

Black is sexy, youthful and cutting edge

Whether scattered or torrential, April means rain. But fear not. Armed with the right wet weather essentials, even cats and dogs won’t rain on your parade.

Trench Coat Tips

Invest in a classic trench. After all, the only thing that can ruin the right look faster than rain is the wrong topper.

  • As with all items of clothing, fit is key. The proper length of the traditional trench is just above the knee. Trendier versions are shorter.
  • Both versions should allow enough room to accommodate a blazer or suit jacket comfortably. Careful here. Too much room and you’ll be sure to have a slovenly appearance.
  • The belt can be worn tied in the back or front. If you opt to wear the belt in the front, always tie; never buckle.
  • When considering color, the traditional beige is always a safe choice. Black or navy, while still classy, is youthful, sexier and more cutting edge.
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