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Tips on Selecting a Great Tee Shirt

In almost every celebrity interview, when it comes to naming a favorite wardrobe staple, the classic tee-shirt almost always makes the list. Each piece has its individual style and uniqueness depending on the wearer. The classic white tee can look different on singer Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan or you. Patterns, prints and colors make a simple tee-shirt become a versatile piece.

Tee Style Tips

  • Invest in a seamless bra or T-shirt bra for a smooth silhouette.
  • A tee-shirt’s shoulder seam should sit properly at the widest part of your shoulders.
  • A fitted crewneck tee is a classic for all ages.
  • Scoopneck and V-neck types are great for those with fuller busts; be sure to avoid loose-fitting ones that can be unflattering.
  • Cap-sleeve tees show off those toned biceps well.
  • Want to give the illusion of a more elongated silhouette?  Push up long sleeves. 
  • Wear an open-neck fitted tee under a smart jacket for boardroom chic.
Styling your Tee

Styling your Tee

Graphic Tee for Petites

Graphic Tee for Petites


What’s Up With Lavender?

I was thinking: What’s up with the color lavender? Icy and cold, it’s all over the place. I’ve been seeing it on magazine covers. You can get in a wallet, like the lavender compact size Coach leather Mini Skinny. Easy to fit in a small handbag or even in your back pocket; or Martinez Valero’s T-strap sandals. Liquid lavender all over your feet. Maybe you want to get Stella’s fragrance; it comes in a lavender bottle. Maybe you want to do your part to help the environment like using a lavender eco-friendly reusable bag, all while looking fabulous, of course. Maybe you want to look at your guy in a lavender tie, because that’s going to look good in a navy suit, pinstripe or not. Not trying to tell you how to dress him, just saying, this could be a good look with blue. Another good lavender look? Check out Michael Kors’ unbelievable camel and lavender. It’s a beautiful combination and a definite must have.


Yesterday, as I was leaving the hair salon, a patron mentioned spring’s official arrival being less than two weeks away.  “Yeah right” I thought as I zipped up my boots, donned my winter coat, wrapped my scarf around my neck and covered my still damped locs with my fresh wool cap.  The idea seemed even more far fetched as I scraped the ice and snow off my car, and slipped and slid to Nordstrom to meet my afternoon client.  But leave it to Nordstrom to save the day with their beautiful displays of flirty frocks constructed from bold printed fabrics; high glossed color blocked gladiator sandals, vivid colored accessories and yes, those were birds chirping over the intercom.  Spring IS near and I can’t wait! 


Michael Duffy at Target

Michael Duffy at Target

From October 14 through December 24, 2007, menswear at Target will get a boost with the latest collection from British-born musician-turned designer Keanan Duffty. Inspired by David Bowie, this collection will feature rocker must-haves such as button-down shirts with skinny ties, thermal T-shirts with musical decals and the ultra-hip skinny black jeans round out the collection.  Prices range from $14.99-$59.99.   Read More.

Stress Free Shopping

Stress Free Shopping

Stress Free Shopping

Just so you know, it’s official – LESS THAN 60 SHOPPING DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! – there are exactly 8 weekends left before one of the biggest gift-giving days celebrated on the entire planet. Read More

P2Styles Top 10 Evening Shoes For Under $100




We all want evening shoes that sparkle, shine and help us make an entrance – but not all of us have a fortune to spend on them. At less than 100 U.S. dollars, these 10 bargain picks in women’s evening shoes will have you looking like a million bucks, without breaking the bank.  Best of all, there’s No Tax and Free Shipping.  See the List